The Green Zone


Our vision for Canada is… one in which everyone thinks about a closed loop systems. We are trying to engage our population on a number of fronts. First is simply just education on recycling and littering as we are a school with a large intake of new Canadians. The second is to engage the population on recycling everything from pens, batteries, clothing to electronic waste.


We are continuing to build our green zone, which is a centralized area in the school where people can bring down all of the items that are available for recycling and cannot go in the blue bins. We have made a mural as well as installed shelving to hold the various boxes for the different items.

Reflection & Celebration

We are complete the building stage and have just filmed a video and will begin promotion in the fall of 2018 once school starts again. We are going to have student and teacher rep responsible for each month to help engage the community on it, as well as take care of the items in the Green Zone.

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
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