The Greening Project


The Greening Project wishes to revive multiple gardens inside and outside the school. This school-wide initiative will improve air quality and biodiversity, uplift the beauty and spirit of students and teachers, and increase awareness about sustainability for the school community.


Members of the school community planted new, diverse and beautiful native and pollinator-attracting flowers in order to replenish our school gardens. The project took several weeks of preparing the soil, cleaning up the gardens and getting the plants and tools needed. The days of actual planting took place over five days in which students and teachers stayed after school for four hours each day to replenish five of our gardens. Students dug holes to prepare the plants’ spots in the garden and prepared the flowers to be planted, a new layer of topsoil and mulch was placed on top after the plants were planted and were watered. Students previously had no concepts about planting/gardening. This project gave them the opportunity to appreciate the gardener’s work in general, be mindful about the environment and be joyous because of their accomplishment. We encourage other schools to give it a try!

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
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