The Health Benefits of Plants in the Classroom


‘Character Counts’


The students from Transcona Collegiate who pioneered this project decided to use the funds to purchase plants for a number of different classrooms. We chose plants that were especially effective at filtering the air (important especially with the current COVID situation). We also wanted plants that were hardy and would require little maintenance and be able to grow successfully in a classroom environment.

The plant we decided on was the Sanseveiria or Snake Plant. It has been determined (by NASA) that this plant is capable of removing harmful toxins like benzene from the air, it filters the air by removing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen (it does this even at night!), it attracts positive energy (Feng Sui), it improves air quality and reduces the effects of allergens and Sick Building Syndrome, it is very hardy and easy to care for and makes the space it is in more attractive.

Finally, this plant reproduces asexually. Once the plants are larger out thinking is that we would be able to split each plant into multiple pots and have more plants to spread around the school building.

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