The Magic Machine That Builds Itself


Through artistic creation using photography by the Gladys Speers community, we want to raise awareness of the importance of trees not only for the carbon they capture from the air, the oxygen they provide, the fact that a tree builds itself, but for the mental and physical benefits trees provide. – Green Gators Eco Speer-it Team


The Eco Team offered a photography challenge to our Gladys Speers community members. They were asked to take a photo of a tree or trees that were important to them. With the collected photos full of all different kinds of meaning, we put together a mosaic of the seasonal cycle of a deciduous tree. Our collective art piece shows that the tree’s importance and meaning is falling into the hands of the people who have the ability to create a sustainable environment as well as the ability to take responsibility and action against Climate Change (aka everyone).

Reflection & Celebration

The photography mosaic will be made into a poster (printed on recycled paper), and framed in an eco-friendly way. For example by repurposing or reusing an existing frame. The finished product will be presented to our Principal on behalf of our school community (hopefully at an assembly) who will place it in a prominent spot on the wall of the front entrance of the school. We hope it will be a daily reminder of this “Magic Machine that sucks carbon out of the air, costs very little, and builds itself…” (George Monbiot This is Not a Drill short film).


Link to our challenge to the Gladys Speers Community photography challenge found in the weekly newsletter to families: 

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