The Positive Space Room



Our vision is to create a space in our school that is reflective of the diversity that comprises it. As a class, our goal is to design and construct an environment where students in every grade can come to talk, hang out, and work while feeling supported, accepted, and safe. We want to educate and inspire ourselves, so that we can share this space with others in meaningful way.


As a class, we collectively brainstormed and designed an outline for the Positive Space Room. We participated in discussions around diversity, acceptance, minorities such as LGBTQ communities, the struggles that people have, and the triumphs that are experienced all around us. We created artwork, posters, and quotes that we set up around the room along with comfortable seating, a knitting corner, resources, and more. The grand opening of the space was shared with the other intermediate students and a day of inspiration, speakers, and activities followed. Attendees also included the TDSB Trustee of the Beaches-East York region, the principal of our school, and several teachers. Our goal for the future is to expand the use of this room and facilitate activities, talk-time, and free time in this space for all students at Duke of Connaught.


3. Good Health and Well-Being
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