The Ripple Effects Everything


Our vision for Canada is… is that we do not only concentrate on our own community but realize that the choices we make around us affect those downstream. My Grade 8 class discovered that our own wastewater is treated and then sent downstream through the Speed River into the Grand River and then becomes the City of Brantford’s main source of drinking water. It is not only important that we are conscious of we are putting down our drains for the aquatic life in our local streams but also for those neighboring communities in need of clean drinking source.


Our project lead us to speak to many important community members like Mike Schreiner, Wellington Water Watchers, and Guelph Wastewater Treatment facility. We were lucky to have a guided tour of the treatment facility where we learned how the water gets treated and what information do we need to get out to our community on what we need to be doing. Our class made presentations to the school and delivered 300 brochures door to door about quick tips they could be doing to help with this problem. We also provided a sticker for people to post on their front door to show their support in helping those downstream.

Reflection & Celebration

We documented our journey and the students took everything we have learned and done and made an amazing documentary. It was completely student driven and run. We have shown the entire school community and were invited to present our documentary downtown Guelph on World Water Day and also at a staff meeting for the City’s Wastewater treatment facility. The students have received such positive feedback and are truly proud of their accomplishments and doing their part.


Check out the video we made on our project here!

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11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
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