The Seed Squad


To share with students and community members the beauty and benefits of living alongside nature and incorporating sustainable practices. The integration of plants and gardens, whether they are indoor or outdoor, can improve mental health and well-being, and support a local, sustainable food source. It is our hope to lead others and inspire positive change by planting “seeds” of sustainability and climate change awareness through different plant projects!


The Covid-19 global pandemic has had a profound impact on various facets of our daily lives, including our society’s mental health and well-being. These impacts are still being felt by many individuals in ways such as anxiety and depression. We live in a northern, rural community where a level of isolation already exists and has only been exacerbated by the pandemic. As well, our winters are quite long and cold and we often find ourselves indoors at recess time. A Living Wall in a shared area of the school will promote positive mental health, interior beautification, integrate nature and improve air quality as Covid-19 restrictions have had to make us rethink our interior environments. To begin planning the Living Wall, we contacted a local small business owner (Twigs in Bloom) who supported our project by answering questions, teaching us about different plants and showing us how to propagate cuttings, creating more plants in a sustainable way. The Seed Squad held an awareness campaign about the holistic benefits of plants along with a seedling fundraiser to promote plant keeping and growing your own food. We also reached out to the community for any plant cuttings people were willing to donate to the project. The company Wallygrow provided the planters, which are made from recycled plastic. Many students and staff stopped to admire the greenery before it was even complete! We hope this project has a positive impact on all who come into our building and that it inspires others to take steps forward toward integrating nature and sustainable practices into their daily lives.

Reflection & Celebration

The Living Wall is successfully planted and growing in its new home for all to enjoy! Before it was even completed many students and staff commented on the positive difference they felt having the greenery in the building. It truly took the support of our small community to make this possible: from local businesses, to cutting donations, to helpful staff members. The Seed Squad along with volunteers will maintain the health and care of the plants for the remainder of the school year and over the summer. We cannot wait to see how the Living Wall will grow come September 2022. As for the Seed Squad? We hope to expand our Living Wall to other areas of the school and to incorporate fruits and vegetables as a “snack” source!


Check out our timelapse and our video of the finished project!

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