To Bee or Not To Bee: a pollinator awareness campaign


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Our vision for Canada is to raise awareness and promote action for the protection of our native pollinators. In recent years, pollinator population decline due to human activities has become a major crisis, posing devastating effects to biodiversity and the human economy. Our goal at Anderson, as a student-founded and student-led EcoTeam, is to unite our school under the meaningful purpose of environmental advocacy. Our school will continue to be a symbol for pollinator protection through positive action, engagement, and outreach into the community to educate and inspire others about this important cause.


Our 100% student-led campaign on pollinators earned ACVI recognition as the first, and only, high school certified by the environmental organization “Bee City Canada” in the entire country.

A student from our school founded our first EcoTeam in many years, in order to tackle the issue of pollinator decline. The EcoTeam is entirely student-led and coordinated. A littered, unused, and infertile courtyard at our school was cleaned and rehabilitated by students; within months it was transformed into a vibrant pollinator garden complete with 100% pesticide-free native plants from donors and a local nursery, as well as bee boxes created by our grade 9 students.

An awareness week, titled “To Bee or Not To Bee”, was hosted to engage the school community through a variety of social and educational events. These activities included a pollinator-themed spelling bee, butterfly milkweed planting for students to take into their own gardens, a game of JeopardBEE, and a bee-ball tournament. Overall, our initiative raised awareness in the school and gave students an opportunity to think critically about issues in our environment and how we can all take action.


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