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At Thornhill Primary we are promoting seasonal sustainable food resources. At our school we already have raised beds, thanks to the funding provided by LSF we have brought our garden back to life. By introducing our students to gardening and sparking their interest, we hope that they will bring that interest home. Although we have a very short growing season, the summers are getting warmer. This way families can grow their own food with out a green house. Our community has a local farmers market, and recognizes the importance of sustainable living.


I am the First Nations Support Worker at our school, and we work with the Ts’msyen Seasonal Wheel. The wheel highlights the food resources available to our regions First Nations people through our the year. I have planted blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries which were all harvested in in our area late summer and early fall. Most of the planting is done by our Grade 3’s, but the other classes are included in weeding, watering, and other various tasks. Unfortunately, we have no one hired to maintain the garden in the Summer. I’m hoping the solution this year will be parent volunteers coming in with their families and sharing the task.

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