Trail Troupers Nature Walks


With the growing of time, it is becoming clear that sustainability is a non-negotiable imperative for our future. The Trail Troupers program targets two groups: children and teenagers. It brings the leaders of tomorrow in closer association with nature, and in doing promotes its sustainability.


Trail Troupers brings all age groups towards a common goal: loving and caring for their environment. It is a tri-mentoring program, where environmental experts mentor youth leaders for each walk, who in turn teach interesting facts about the park to children. Youth see the raw and beautiful nature of the West Coast and grow more attached to it. Furthermore, the setting benefits everyone. Kids understand the teenage language more easily, and teenagers enhance their interpersonal and leadership skills as they lead children. Trail Troupers hopes that these children will grow to love and respect their natural world because, after all, it would be a shame to lose these precious landscapes.

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
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