Tuckamore Rain Barrel


Our goal for this project was to install a rain barrel to accompany our existing gardening endeavors. We planted vegetables and berry bushes that our students tend to in the summer as a means of promoting self-sufficiency, nutrition, food security, and mindfulness. We wanted to improve on our sustainability measures by installing a rain barrel as a means of conserving water.


Our students scoped out the grounds to determine the best place for the rain barrel. Once a suitable spot was identified, our students measured the maximum height of the rain barrel that would fit in the space, and then shopped for a rain barrel of the best size. Our students went to the store to purchase the supplies necessary. We encountered some delays in getting our rain barrel installed. As a result, we turned our focus to measuring the square footage of the roof from which the rain barrel would be collected. Using this information, we were then able to come up with an estimate for how much rain we should be able to collect from May to September – 7660 L! To educate the rest of the staff and new students on our initiative, our students also created a bulletin board display entitled “Water We Doing?”

Reflection & Celebration

Our students were shocked to find out how much rain we could potentially conserve by installing a rain barrel. Our gardening project is just getting underway for the season, with seedlings growing inside at this time, and raised beds and gardens being prepped for seeds and new plants. Our students are excited to use the rainwater to help their plants grow!

7. Affordable and Clean Energy
11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
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