Upcylcing Our Way to a Better Future


The Photography and Graphic Arts program along with other environmentally conscious Centennial Collegiate students developed a plan to reduce plastic and fabric waste in our school and community.


Our plan is to make environmentally friendly changes within our program and school.
Step 1: A cartridge free printer. We purchased an Ecotank system which will decrease yearly plastic waste.
Step 2: The second part of our plan was to implement upcycling to reduce clothing waste. Students brought in clothing from home to revive with tshirt transfers, silkscreen and vinyl designs.

Reflection & Celebration

The popularity of our initiative has spread through the student body of Centennial, increasing enrollment and a flow of students asking to use our equipment to upcylce clothing of their own. We are proud of the steps we are taking towards sustainability and reducing waste.

12. Responsible Consumption and Production
13. Climate Action
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