Using a Hydroponic Grow Kit with Grade 1/2


The goal of our project was to learn about the importance of eating local produce, sharing local produce with others and learning about where food comes from. The first step of our project was to use a hydroponic grow kit to see leafy greens grow fairly rapidly in our classroom.


In the fall of 2019 the grade 1/2 class helped local volunteers in their community garden. The volunteers grow vegetables and donate them to a local organization that distributes them at their food bank. Students in the grade 1/2 class were very helpful when picking vegetables and preparing the garden for winter. Their enthusiasm for working in the garden and learning about local produce inspired me to learn about using a hydroponic grow bin to grow vegetables over the winter. Our plan was to grow leafy greens in the hydroponic kit last March and then to start plants in peat pots that could be planted in the community garden later in the spring. Covid changed our plans as students were learning from home this spring. This fall we planted seeds in the hydroponic grow bin and hope to continue to work with the volunteers at the community garden when we are able.

Reflection & Celebration

The grade 1/2 class was very curious about the hydroponic kit. They were intrigued that plants could grow without soil and were very excited to watch the lettuce grow. Covid protocols present several challenges but once we are able to interact outside of our classroom again we look forward to sharing the hydroponic grow bin with other teachers and students in our school, and working with the volunteers at the community garden.

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