Vermicomposting at PERS


Our community is in need of good food. To help, our school decided to focus on creating sustainable projects that will benefit the UNSG goal Zero Hunger.
Branching from this we want to be more aware of our food waste and find ways to reduce and compost the material to then use it in our school garden and soon to be built green house.


Grade 6/7 FI decided to begin worm composting in October 2020. The project grew into a school wide initiative with most teachers either having a worm composting system in their class, or contributing their food waste to the project. What began as a homemade worm tub soon became well equiped homemade vermicomposters. With the help from LSF’s grant we were able to buy a larger system called the HungryBin. The school matched the grant and we were able to get 2 for both sides of the school building.
The class has been reaching out to other schools to coach other classes through the process of establishing their own worm bins and are educating and presenting about our project to the greater community.

Reflection & Celebration

This project began as a nature walk that sparked a question “what do worms do?”. While researching this students made the connection to our food waste in school and our community need for better food. We have become known as THE class to talk to when starting a vermisystem and love sharing our knowledge with others in the hopes that every day people see that little actions can have a major impact.

1. No Poverty
11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
13. Climate Action
15. Life on Land
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