Walter and Gladys Hill Outdoor Classroom


As a first year implementation we are working together on a school wide project of an Outdoor Classroom to practice the process of Project Based Learning. 21st Century learners aspire to be global citizens that are able to apply their learning throughout their life with real life experiences. Being able to build a natural classroom collaboratively as a school from ECDP-6 will allow students to be more active, apply their learning and be engaged in active learning.


Students will build a natural outdoor classroom with a focus for each grade level and the curriculum that they are learning. They can use this outdoor classroom before, during and after school to extend their learning from the classroom to the outdoors. This will allow students to see the crucial resource that nature is and be able to learn not only by themselves but within a student designed, built and lead initiative. Economically, students will have access to important curricular objects and projects just outside the doors of the school which will alleviate the stress of homemade resources and creating projects with parents funds. With it being set up at the school, students will simply take an outdoor field trip with family, friends or teachers to extend their learning by using materials they have created together.

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