Waste Reduction Initiative


Our vision for Canada is a greener, more sustainable future. We wanted to change the fact that our school canteen produces lots of waste in the form of single use items such as plates, plastic wrap, straws, and cutlery. This led us to undertake a Waste Reduction Initiative in our school. We hope to encourage students and staff to always think about what they are consuming, and how to be more sustainable. We want everyone to feel like their own actions can contribute to a better world.


Our school’s UNESCO club (staff and students) did a variety of activities, and plan to do more next year. Some of these activities include: running a waste-free lunch with each participating student being entered to win a variety of prizes (snack bags, containers, water bottles, lunch kits), a student-led assembly about why we should reduce our individual waste and how to do it, writing newsletter articles and making posters to encourage students and staff to cut down on waste, recycle more, etc., doing a waste audit for our school’s canteen, and subsequently coming up with a plan to reduce waste drastically- purchasing metal straws, reusable dishes, silverware, etc. and coming up with a plan to help implement the new system of reusable rather than single use in a way that does not create too much extra work for our canteen staff.

Reflection & Celebration

Our project is in progress.

12. Responsible Consumption and Production
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