Water Infuser Bottles


Our vision for Canada is…

We created these bottles with our school logos to promote sustainability and nutrition education. We save the purchase of plastic through the continued use of our water bottles. We educate about the benefits of nutririon via understanding the nutritional components of the fruits and veggies that can infuse into the water.


We created a booth with poster boards showing the environmental impact savings from all the plastic that would not be used and the nutritional benefits from a physiological perspective. We also sold the bottles to the community during our school open house educating parents about our sustainability goals.

Reflection & Celebration

The bottles have sold out and we even sold them in the cafeteria so students who have not had a chance to purchase directly from us still had a chance. We see students and teachers contstantly using the bottles, saving the environment, saving money and improving their health.


11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
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