Water is Life


Our Skyhawk Green Team wanted to raise awareness of water issues. We made an action plan to educate ourselves and others how to conserve water at home, school and help a community in Mexico get a safe and reliable water source.


We joined Destination Conservation and focused on water. We researched how to conserve water at school, at home and beyond our community and presented our water-saving strategies at a school-wide assembly. We installed a rain barrel to water our plants at school, sold reusable stainless steel water bottles and encouraged wise choices among students, staff and our community. We then raised $4000 to install a well in Chicxulub that would provide a safe and reliable water source for the local families. The well water is also used to grow food for the families who relied on the local food bank. Our “Water is Life” well is now being used by the children as they grow a variety of food and become sustainable.

10. Reduced Inequalities
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
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