Water Pollution


Our vision is to lower the amount of litter we see in our community and educate as many community members we can to prevent the littering to increase.


Our goal was to educate as many people as we could in our community. We did this by surveying members of our community and asking them what they knew about the affects of water pollution. Discussing water pollution with the members of our community and educating them was one of the highlights of this project because we knew we were making an impact on their lives. We also created reusable bags by purchasing fabric with the money we raised from our bake sale. We then handed these bags out in front of our local Freshco and Nofrills so they wouldn’t need to purchase non-biodegradable bags. We greatly enjoyed this because the adults were able to see youth in our neighborhood take care of the environment.



7. Affordable and Clean Energy
11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
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