Water Rockers


To have all of our staff, students, and community members use reusable bottles every day!


The Erin P.S. gr. 6 Water Rocker students persuaded 90% of our staff and students to use reusable bottles. We persuaded 100% of our Erin downtown stores to join the BLUE W water conservation program. We also organized a successful $5000 fundraiser so that the local Town Council could install refilling stations in the Hillsburgh and Erin arenas. The Water Rockers program, now in its second year, spread to Montgomery Village P.S. in Orangeville this year (That’s our group photo of both schools!). Now that the Water Rockers curriculum document has been completed, hopefully it will spread to other schools across the board and the province. Why? Because our local water rocks!!

12. Responsible Consumption and Production
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