Wawanesa Clothing Drive


Our vision for Canada is… to encourage everyone to recycle, reuse, and reduce consumption of clothing.


Our small grade 12 Global Issues class held a months-long clothing drive to encourage community members to donate clothing to those that are less fortunate in our area. Clothing and other items, such as blankets and outwear, were donated by families and community members. These donations were given to our local Samaritan House, women’s shelter, and immigration services centre. Many of the individuals accessing these resources in our area are in need of warm and suitable clothing, and, by donating gently used clothing, we have encouraged the recycling of clothing, as well as a reduction in the consumption of new clothing!

Reflection & Celebration

Being a small class, and a small community, we found it challenging to think of a project that would be big enough to have an impact, but small enough for such a small group to manage. Once we settled on the idea of a clothing drive, we found that it was perfect for our group. Our artists created the advertising displayed around the school and community, and our writers promoted donations by contributing to advertising. Once we had enough clothing to donate, more than 15 XL garbage bags worth!, we travelled to the locations and learned about how these places help the community’s most vulnerable populations.

1. No Poverty
10. Reduced Inequalities
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