We are Stewards of the Earth- Cardboard Christmas Tree Upcycling Project


As Catholics, stewardship calls us to share our gifts of time and talents. We look towards our role as stewards of the environment. We act as responsible citizens and as keepers of the beautiful world God has given us.


Grades 1, 2 & 3 students at Holy Trinity started an Upcycling club with funding received from Learning for a Sustainable Future Action Project.
To celebrate Christmas, the students created a massive Christmas tree out of recycled boxes. Classes designed, painted and decorated the boxes that would have otherwise gone into the recycling bin. This beautiful masterpiece is showcased in the school’s entrance.

Reflection & Celebration

For this project, students celebrated their finished product by taking photographs in front of the tree. The principal thanked and congratulated the students/teachers for their creation that decorates the front entrance of the school.
After each project, pictures and stories are shared both on the school and school board’s social media sites.


12. Responsible Consumption and Production
15. Life on Land
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