We are Stewards of the Earth- Thanksgiving Upcycling Project


As Catholics, stewardship calls us to share our gifts of time and talents. We look towards our role as stewards of the environment. We act as responsible citizens and as keepers of the beautiful world God has given us.


Students in Mme. Jubenville’s Kindergarten classroom showed gratitude as they created gifts for Thanksgiving using recycled materials.
Students collected various glass jars (pickles, jam, soup) and empty cereal boxes to create beautiful Thanksgiving cards and lanterns.
The goals of this action project:
• Recognize that we use a lot of glass and paper in our daily lives
• Learn that upcycling is a way to reduce the amount of trash in our environment
• Students will upcycle to create Thanksgiving gifts
• Students will brainstorm future upcycling projects

Reflection & Celebration

These young students are taught that they must be stewards of the environment. They have learned the value of upcycling and the gift of giving. Students in Mme. Jubenville’s class celebrated their work of art with a Thanksgiving celebration.


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