We Got Worms! Vermiculture at Holy Family


We would like to build vermicomposters for the school. We have a normal composter but during the winter months it is not as effective due to the fact that the food does not break down as well. We think that with a vermicomposter, we could continue our composting efforts even during the winter months.


Our students will be involved in lessons (provided by LSF) leading up to the building of the vermicomposters. When we have a good base knowledge, we will continue to expand our knowledge through the construction and the monitoring/tracking of how well our worms are creating soil for us. In the spring/summer, we will use the soil created to help our feed our school gardens with the necessary nutrients. We will also hope to see an increase in the amount of waste we compost because of the fact that students are excited about this new composting initiative, and maybe even convince their families to give it a try.We will celebrate our success of our project through our Eco-Team and school website. We will have have graphs showing the difference in the amount of waste composted on our Eco-Team bulletin board. We will also provide the information of how to build and maintain a vermicomposter to our school for at home use.

Reflection & Celebration

We did it!

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