Weather Station


Our vision is to have students build and code a weather station to put up in our new outdoor classroom space that we are building. Since we live a small coastal community it is important for us to monitor climate change in our local area and learn how it can impact our community. We want our students to learn about climate change and care about it enough to make positive changes in our environment.


The project funding provided us with money to buy the tecnhology items required to build and code an outdoor weather station using a Raspberry Pi. The students worked collaboratively to build and code the station following a plan we found on the Raspberry Pi website. We are in the process of building our outdoor classroom space and will set up the weather station when we return to school in September. Our plan is for the students to record the data and track any changes in our local climate over time.

Reflection & Celebration

The actual building of the weather station was not too bad to do, but the coding was very challenging. It was a more technical project than we anticipated it being, but with support from a teacher, they were able to do it. Our outdoor classroom space is still being set up, so we will install the equipment outside and start monitoring in the Fall when we are ready to use it.


Check out this link to the plan we used to build our weather station!

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