Wetlands Against Highway 413


Highway 413 is being constructed, however, this will result in over 6 kilometres of wetlands getting either destroyed or polluted. We realized that something has to be done to stop this injustice to the wetlands and the environment. For this, we got in touch with the government officials (Kamal Khera, MPP; Iqra Khalid, MPP; Sonia Sidhu, MPP) as well as representatives from various organisations (Ducks Unlimited Canada). To spread awareness of the cause, we created a website that includes detailed information on the impact of the construction of HWY 413 on the environment. It also includes a petition to raise awareness and join our cause.


We heard about Highway 413 which was going to be constructed. Then we learned about the 6 kilometres of wetlands that were going to be destroyed by it. We decided to take action on this and try to stop highway 413 from being constructed. We desire to stop the highway or find an alternative route if that is impossible. To do this, we created a petition to stop the 413. We got over 100 signatures with this. In addition to this, I sent an email to our local MP, Kamal Khera. A representative from her office offered us his time, and we spoke about the views of the Liberals on Highway 413. A few days later, we found out that the Liberals were going to be cancelling the 413 if they were elected. We also interviewed Kate Belmore, an educator from the organisation dedicated to saving wetlands, Ducks Unlimited Canada.

Reflection & Celebration

Our group was incredibly happy with the number of individuals that signed our petition. Although, we do wish we had sent it to people in our community other than just students. We were all very satisfied, as we were able to talk to many representatives from organizations and officials from the government. We were saddened as we were not able to talk to Sonia Sidhu and Iqra Khalid but were greatly satisfied that they responded. We were all very pleased with our video as it had a great flow of information. We wished we had more images but it was not possible due to copyright issues.


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