What a Waste


We would like to inform our school community about the amount of food being wasted at school, at home and the wider community, including restaurants, and grocery stores. We would then like to reduce the amount of food waste that our students throw away at school and also get students to return any compostable materials to their house so that they can be composted instead of sent to a landfill.


We will begin by doing some research and watching videos in order to inform our ECO team as to the amount of food being wasted. If possible I would like to take our ECO team on a field trip to a grocery store or restaurant to learn about the food being thrown away. If this is possible then we will create a video which we will show the whole school. Then we will begin to create a campaign to inform our school community about this problem. We will take pictures and do an audit of the food waste in our school garbage. We will also have assemblies throughout the year to inform the school of this problem. Then we will advertise through announcements and assemblies and newsletters to have students return their compostable materials to their homes to be composted. We will also have awards for the classroom that are doing a great job of reducing their food waste in the garbage. At the end of the year we will do another audit of the garbage and hope that the amount of food waste in the garbage will be greatly reduced.

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
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