Wood Duck Nest Boxes at Harbour View High School


Our Climate Action Team is committed to undertaking monthly projects and activities that are inclusive and spread a positive message that it can be fun to work to mitigate climate change. We have members who attend meetings and take part in activities, but we also work to ensure that all clubs, teams, and classes are aware of our work and know that we are there to support them in any activity or educational initiative that they want to undertake.


After spending an exhilarating day perusing possibilities and meeting like-minded students and teachers from all over the province, the four students who attended the conference decided that the duck box program that was presented by Ducks Unlimited was a good fit for our school. Our Climate Action Team has collaborated with our skilled trades classes before when we planned, designed, built and painted an outdoor classroom. Many of the students in this class live in rural areas or fishing communities and spend a lot of time in nature, fishing, hunting or taking advantage of ATV trails. We felt this was a good opportunity to raise awareness about the impact that human recreational (and other) activities have upon vulnerable wildlife. We followed this up with a green screen presentation by Ducks Unlimited and visit to the Irving Nature Park boardwalk.

Reflection & Celebration

This was awesome! The students modified the blueprint and took great care with the planning and execution. They also learned a lot about types of wood.

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