Youth Up


To connect motivated and inspired youth ages 16 to 30, with opportunities that aim to develop knowledge, leadership, and capacity in youth. This is done to better affect environmental and social change in Canadian communities and beyond. Youth Up is a space that enables youth to find new experiences that build on previous ones that sparked a sense of eco-civic leadership, providing direction and sustained passion. Youth Up will serve as a central hub for Canadian youth to easily find, access, and connect to new opportunities and other youth for engagement and growth.


The action plan has been developed through a youth-adult partnership between myself and Lisa Glithero, an educator and educational researcher. The following are the steps to operationalizing Youth Up: The grant money will be used to assist in the development and launch of the website. We will also research and compile a selective database of youth leadership and capacity building experiences across Canada, that are local and national. We will develop a website format, and organize website content, making it concise, insightful, engaging. We will also develop connections with current social media platforms and youth alumni from the various highlighted youth opportunities to serve as ambassadors. The final action will be to launch site and initiate outreach.


8. Decent Work and Economic Growth
10. Reduced Inequalities
16. Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions
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