This activity and website helps teachers bring responsible citizenship into their classrooms by providing students the opportunity to discuss what their vision for Canada is and what actions they have taken (or will take during the summer) to make it happen.


The Activity (K-12, 45 minutes – 1 hour)
  • What’s your vision for Canada?
    • Discuss with your students their vision for Canada
    • Summarize the vision in one or two sentences
  • What actions are needed to make it happen?
    • As a class or individually have students draw their vision for Canada and the actions they have taken or will take to make it happen. They can include some text to explain the connection between their actions and their vision (see examples below)
    • Have the class draft a paragraph that either describes what they did, or create an action plan which summarizes the steps that they’ll have to take to achieve their vision
  • Share your vision, actions and picture on the OCP website
    • Scan all the artwork
    • Have a student or teacher register on the OCP website:
    • Post the vision sentences, action plans and pictures. Give the entry a cool title
    • Students share the OCP website with their school, friends, family and the community to educate them about the actions they have taken or will take to make Canada a better place, and inspire them to do the same!

Thanks to Our Horizon for the following examples of artwork created by students that link their vision for Canada with action. To see more examples, visit their Facebook page.