In today’s modern world, people often take water for granted. Our vision is to educate members of our school community and their parents about the fashion industry’s misuse of our valuable drinking water resource. We also hope to spark a lifestyle change. By creating a website we can reach many people and educate them about sustainable clothing and also take stock and re-access their clothing needs, especially because of the growing demand for Fast Fashion. As a dedicated group of young students, we understand that change must start with us, and by encouraging these practices we can turn our hopes of a more sustainable future into reality. Sustainable clothing should become the new normal.


Prior to the creation of AquaCloth, there was a lack of knowledge in our school community about the fashion industry’s overall use of our drinking water resources. We brainstormed and decided to create a website as our action project. This site, AquaCloth is a place where people can go to get information about the fashion industry’s use of water. Firstly, we divided ourselves into groups and researched specific areas to add to the site. Then we collaborated while working online, on the actual format the site should take. When the website was complete, we then proceeded to make an educational video, using WeVideo software, to highlight important aspects of our website to persuade schoolmates and their family members to visit AquaCloth. We showcased our video during Education week at our school where students, teachers, and parents had an opportunity to learn more about AquaCloth. As a continuation of this Action project, our group members decided we will survey students in the next school year to see how many of them committed to a lifestyle change.

Reflection & Celebration

Throughout this project, we gained a lot of knowledge about the misuse of our valuable water resources. Additionally, we learned a lot more about water and its uniqueness. As a team, we all gained knowledge of what the lack of water means in communities and most importantly, why we must take action now to conserve it. Through our journey of creating AquaCloth, we were amazed by the amount of water that goes into creating our everyday clothing. While working on this project, we gained valuable knowledge on the creation of a website and the use of WeVideo. Many of us were able to transform our editing skills to produce an educational video to inform our community about the resources found on our website. Working online presented many challenges but we found new strategies to collaborate and include everyone. Overall the experiences gained with this project will remain with us forever.


Check out the website and video that we created!

3. Good Health and Well-Being
6. Clean Water and Sanitation
11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
13. Climate Action
14. Life Below Water
15. Life on Land
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