Biking, Plastic Bottle Ban, & Battery Blitzes!


Our vision for Canada is to get more people informed about sustainable transportation, such as riding bikes to school or work. This is important to us/our school community because alternative transportation methods such as biking, public transport, or carpooling are environmentally-friendly and can also be really fun when done properly and safely!


Based on attending the EcoLeague Youth Forum on October 26, 2017, we learned about sustainability topics and skills such as the lack of fresh water resources, the effects of invasive species, and bike safety.To fix these issues, some actions we could take are talking to our eco team and principal, eliminating plastic water bottle usage, and donating batteries so they can be properly disposed of. We hope that by the end of the school year, we can install more bike racks at our school, so that our school community can be more inspired to bike every day!

Reflection & Celebration

Stay tuned for an update!

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
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