Bird and Squirrel Feeders


While spending time at my school I noticed that there weren’t a lot of birds around, and if they were they would only stick around for a few seconds. I think that having more of a connection and seeing these smaller creatures more often may help some of the students at my school grasp the concept of why saving the earth is important. I hoped it would help people realize that as the world declines it’s not only effecting us but everything around us. I decided that placing feeders around the school would be a great way to get to spot more critters and for longer. The feeders also help the small animals have an extra food source that is reliably full.


To achieve my vision I got seven bird feeders and two squirrel feeders. They are placed around the school, spread out from the green area all the way out to the woods. Every week I go into the school and see if they are still up and clean or refill anything.

Reflection & Celebration

While a couple of the bird feeders didn’t stay in place and were lost after only a couple of weeks, the remaining feeders are doing great. A few of them have already needed to be completely refilled and the squirrels empty there’s often. I love seeing the increase in creatures when I am at the school.

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