Bready School’s Green Club Composting Initiative


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Jack Layton Award | Honourable Mention


We are completing the green cycle by incorporating a composting initiative within our school. By collecting and composting discarded foods, our school will use the compost for fertilizer in our outdoor garden. This initiative will be student-led with guidance from a staff member volunteer. This initiative will be ongoing year-round.


Every student/staff member will be responsible for throwing their discarded food into “Compost only” garbage-like pails. After lunch, two Green Club members will collect and dump all organic waste into a larger bin. This bin will be easily pushed through the hallways via a janitor cart. Once the students are done this, they will weigh the waste and record it. They will then bring the waste to the outdoor compost bin, making sure that conditions are right for the composting. In the Spring, we hope to use our compost for fertilizer in our outdoor garden.


11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
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