Going Green at Centennial PS


Our vision for Canada is to reduce soil erosion and promote tree planting initiatives. This is important to us/our school community because soil erosion is destructive to the environment. We also want to create more freshwater initiatives. We want to to help the places that don’t have freshwater.


Based on attending the EcoLeague Youth Forum on October 25, 2017, we learned about sustainability topics and skills such as indoor farming, protecting freshwater, how much nutrition is in the foods we eat, and how much food we’d need to sustain a community. To fix these issues, some actions we could take are having an indoor greenhouse that grows fruits/vegetable to donate to the foodbank and raise awareness about it to prevent water waste and soil erosion. We hope that by the end of the school year, we will have a very indoor farming unit, raise awareness about indoor farming to help prevent soil erosion and teach kids how much goes into farming and how to take care of plants and how much it takes to provide for a community.

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
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