Classroom Composting


After learning about soils -the class was interested in learning about how composting worked and thought about the amount of food waste that gets thrown out at school. Thinking they could help with climate change by making sure food waste was composted instead of going to landfills, they set about trying to find a way to bring composting into the classroom.


We researched different ways to compost food scraps. We all thought the new machines were neat, but not practical, on our budget and at school. We decided to learn about Bokashi composting and challenged another class in the school to see how much food we could divert from the landfill.

Reflection & Celebration

Together both classes managed to divert about 50 kg of food waste from the landfill. We added the compost to be aged and learned how we could use “compost tea” to add nutrients back into our school gardens.

13. Climate Action
15. Life on Land
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