Clothing Drive


Our vision for Canada is to help get textiles out of the landfill. Waste diversion was the issue addressed by this project. This is an important issue in the community as 6-12% of landfill waste is made up of discarded textiles in Western countries.


To make our vision come true, we partnered up with an organization that will send quality textiles so that they can be reused in both North America and overseas. Any items deemed unsuitable for resale will be taken to textile recycling facilities where they will be broken down and remade into useful materials, such as fleece jumpers and dollar bills. Our project addresses environmental and social dimensions as used, quality clothing is made affordable to those in need. Students were engaged and given the opportunity to show leadership as they were the ones creating and putting up the large murals and posters to promote the used clothing campaign. Students weighed the clothing on a daily basis and announced to the school community their results on announcements and posters. The community was involved as they were helping to collect the clothing to be donated.

Reflection & Celebration

The community has donated generously to the cause. This project allowed students promote and plan a campaign involving the whole school and community. Students also learned how much clothing they buy that they really need when they began to clean out their closets. The organization we had partnered will monetarily reward us for our efforts. The monies will then be donated to the EverGreen Hospice.

1. No Poverty
10. Reduced Inequalities
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