Compost at the Met


Our vision for Canada is… a country with clean air, land and water, that takes accountability for its role in decreasing pollution globally. We also envision a country of global citizens who are actively engaged in making their world a better place. We decided to start small by composting at OUR school, to decrease our own waste and to engage our community in learning about waste, pollution, and citizenship.


A school-division-wide composting program started up and provided us with good motivation to join in. We started by learning all we could about what can be composted and the benefits of composting through online research and talking to experts. In the spring, we started with compost collection in 2 classrooms and collected over 60 lbs of compost over 6 weeks. We started to design posters and a presentation. This fall we plan to scale up by putting up our posters around the school, doing presentations for all classes and increasing our compost collection. This project is being led by a group of 4 students who are taking the lead on emptying the compost bins, designing the posters, creating and delivering presentations, and sharing the knowledge they are gaining about global waste and composting with their peers.

12. Responsible Consumption and Production
13. Climate Action
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