Compost Audit and Education


To reduce the amount of compostable goods we are sending to the landfill. To beautify our school with native plants sustained by compost we created ourselves from food waste.


1. A garbage audit to determine the amount of items that are being placed in the wrong bins, i.e. compostable items in the garbage and garbage in the recycling bin.
2. Based on the data collected, a presentation to the whole school to communicate the information and to educate students and staff on what items go in which bins.
3. Education posters to visually show students what items are compostable, displayed above each bank of waste bins around the school.
4. The purchase of a countertop composter so that we can compost our own food waste.
5. (in the future) Use our homemade compost to make “seed bombs” using local native seeds to plant around the school and distribute to the community.


Check out this presentation on our project!

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