Compost This!


The grade 9 science team has set the challenge of incorporating composting at Innisdale Secondary school after reflecting about the impact of our food waste entering the garbage (100 lbs a day!). The goal is to then use this as a model to help the other 11 high schools incorporate composting at their schools within the school year.


This project entails: educating the school population about what composting is and what can go in the compost, implementing the compost bins around the school and liaising between the city of Barrie and the school board to ensure the compost is used properly. We have just finished our sustainability unit and this project will take us a month or so to get started and will be posting a video soon. The video we hope will be used to implement compost in all high schools in our school board- only one of which has compost. Our other action plan is to have our cafeteria use non disposable plates and cutlery and this amount would greatly help. We will obtain gently used plates, bowls and cutlery from second hand stores and educating the school. With these initiatives we hope to save the caf and the environment.


11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
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