Composting Program


Our vision was to further reduce the amount of waste that gets placed in landfills by working with our school cafeteria and LSF to implement a composting program


Our team worked extremely hard to make our dream of implementing a composting program happen. We raised enough money for our compost program by holding multiple fundraisers at SMA and by receiving an LSF grant. In addition to this, we worked in conjunction with our school cafeteria and Home Ec lab to ensure that any food scrap items and lunch containers are also composted. St. Mary’s Academy now has six small compost bins located around the school and 2 large collection bins. We spent this past week educating our school about composting and we are incredibly excited to be a more green community! We hope that SMA continues to live by our motto “Go green, or go home!”

Reflection & Celebration

Our program will officially be instituted on March 1st. To raise awareness and build excitement, we created an Instagram video and shared an educational video about composting with the staff and students. We are so excited to launch this program and be able to physically see the number of compostable items that are being saved from the landfill. Green Team members will be on hand in the cafeteria all next week to assist students with sorting their compostable items and celebrating our success!


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