As a country school many of our students are aware of the ways that natural materials can be reused in gardens and fields. Despite this, our school has never had a composting program. Our school garden also needed to be revitalized and we decided to start a composting program so that we would not only be able to reduce the amount of garbage our school produces, but also have compost to put nutrients back into our garden.


We started by purchasing a compost collection bin for each classroom. Once our outdoor collection bin was installed we formed and Eco Club to get the students excited about composting. We had over 30 students turn out to join our Eco Club. We discussed why composting is important and how it can help the earth. We then put up posters about what could and could not go in the compost and the students became Eco Leaders within their classrooms. Our project was a big success with a large pail of compost being collected in 4 days. For our small school this was a big reduction in natural waste going in the garbage. Each week our Eco Club helps us collect the compost from each classroom. Our Eco Club is now involved in planning Earth Day activities and helping revitalize our school garden.

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
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