Earth Week


Improving waste management is a top concern at WO, followed closely by the need for education and raising awareness.

Eco Students want to change the expectations at the school for what is acceptable waste. Bringing awareness and education to the student and staff body will encourage engagement in environmentally sustainable practices.


– Securing recycling bins in every classroom with posters showing what is recyclable in our region.
– Installing recycling bins in the hallway (in cafeteria, outside of cafeteria, and by the front door)
– Installing garbage bins outside and advocated to the Mayor to place bins between schools and restaurants
– Education campaign school-wide in April coinciding with Earth Week. This included: activities at lunch, announcements, posters, documentary screenings, clean-up day, petition signing, pollinator information, pollinator flowers placed in naturalize areas, Jeopar-tree (school wide game on trees and local green spaces), Ffee hot drink with reusable mugs, interactive school-wide survey, prizes, etc.
– Provided a positive experience to learn about climate issues
– Rewarded participants with awesome prizes.

Proper waste managment is important for the sustainability locally as well as over seas. Our student body needed the education on how to recycle properly, waste management, and the encouragement to not litter. Awareness on e-waste and battery recycling was required. Education and awareness campaigns were on the role trees play in climate change, fast fashion, travel, e-waste, pollintors, consumption, solutions and next steps on how to make a postitive change. Students were able to instantly make a positive change by signing petitions to local government written by other students, recycling at the school, picking up litter at school and in community, and planting native flowers that support important local pollinators.

Eco Students directly tackled the issue of waste management by bringing in physical recyling bins and posters, coordinating and starting the recycling program at WO, and organizing the first school wide litter clean up this year (to be repeated monthly). The Eco Students had a big education and awareness push during Earth week with events and prizes. Regular videos, announcments, social media posts and posters are also used around the school to educate.

Waste management is a concern at both the school and in the community. The school yard is littered with waste as well as the common paths students walk from the fast food lunch stops to the school. A full solution involves the entire school, the school board and the township. Petitions have been sent to the Mayor to raise awareness, provide education, get physical bins for garbage and reycling, as well as an advertised space for battery and e-waste collection. Educating the student body on these issues will have an impact on the awareness in the entire community.

Reflection & Celebration

Students were very happy to see the school participating in their activities. There is hope for future engagement by students in environmental projects.

Students quickly heard back from the Mayor after submitting petitions which was very empowering. We celebrate this shift in student awareness of how they can make a positive change in their community.


Check out this video we created to journey our Earth Week activities!

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