Edible Garden


Our vision for Canada is… exposing young children to healthy food and how they are growth, as well as providing lower income families a chance to have fresh produce.


We have been growing an edible garden in our school to expose young children to where their food comes from, healthy food choices and how to be a good citizen to the environment. Grade ones are helping pre schoolers to clean, plant and tend for the garden, building their leadership skills. The garden is open to the entire school to use as a flex space to learn, explore and relax in.

Reflection & Celebration

It isn’t easy planting a garden in Alberta when the weather will not cooperate! We got a late start in planting the garden. We decided to use bedding plants to ensure students would see an end product. The garden will be tended to over the summer and families in the area requiring food can be contacted if they would like fresh produce. Our students learned so much about where their food comes from, and they are eating it right out of the garden, helping them make better food choices at home.


Check out some of our progress updates on Twitter:

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