Embracing Traditions: Mother Earth Healing Garden


The Mother Earth Healing Garden is an Indigenous space intended to be used by the community to help foster an understanding of Indigenous culture and their relationship with Mother Earth. The garden also serves as an opportunity for Indigenous Elders to share their knowledge and cultivate knowledge, respect, and a deep appreciation for our natural world.


Our Mother Earth Healing Garden is an existing project that has been ongoing sing 2017. Forest Green students are engaged in each step of the process by preparing the garden in the spring, planting seeds and bedding plants, tending to plants by weeding and watering, and harvesting the garden in the fall. Indigenous Elders and knowledge keepers teach and guide the process every step of the way. Within the tranquil surroundings of the garden, students and Elders work hand in hand to plant and nurture traditional plants. They learn about proper planting techniques, soil preparation, and the optimal conditions required for each species to survive. Through this collaborative effort, the students develop a strong sense of responsibility and gain practical knowledge about the delicate balance of ecosystems. The harvesting phase is not merely the end goal; it marks the beginning of a new phase of learning. The students engage in conversations with the Elders, listening intently as they share traditional practices, stories, and the profound wisdom associated with each plant. These teachings ensure the continuity of cultural heritage and empower the students to become stewards of the Earth, committed to preserving our natural resources and medicinal knowledge for future generations.

Reflection & Celebration

At Forest Green, a significant portion of our students are Indigenous, and many reside at the Paul First Nation. This garden serves as a cultural connection for our Indigenous students and a place for sharing Indigenous ways of knowing with the entire community. With guidance from our Indigenous Elders, the students explore the significance of traditional plants and their medicinal properties. This unique hands-on approach allows the younger generation to engage with nature in a meaningful way, enhancing their understanding of the interconnectedness of all living beings. The impact of the Mother Earth Healing Garden extends far beyond its physical boundaries. As the students absorb the teachings from the elders, they share their newfound knowledge with their families, friends, and schoolmates. The ripple effect spreads, instilling a sense of reverence for nature and the importance of preserving traditional knowledge in the wider community. In a world often driven by progress and innovation, it is essential to pause and appreciate the wisdom of our ancestors and the healing powers of our natural surroundings. The Mother Earth Healing Garden serves as a testament to the enduring value of intergenerational collaboration and cultural preservation. As the students work alongside their local elders, planting, caring for, and harvesting traditional plants, they embark on a transformative journey that connects them to the Earth, nurtures their souls, and cultivates a brighter future for all.

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