FaimHéros and the Food Drive


We are a group of seventh-grade students and we have a vision to support hungry families and work towards ending hunger in our community. One in every five residents in the Peel region is underprivileged or hungry. After learning this information, our team devised a plan to assist our neighbourhood – to host a food drive. The donations were sent to a local food bank, and by the end of the collection, we had accomplished our real goal – to inform our school about hunger in the community. Both staff and students learned not only to take initiative and stand up for what is right but that we can help those in need by working together, too.


We had a problem in our community, and we wanted to help it.

To reduce hunger, we started by making a list. We had many solutions, but before picking one, we interviewed many staff and students to get their opinion. The majority of people said a food drive would reduce hunger. So, with their responses, our team organized a food drive in our school.

Although, before starting the food drive, we had to ask permission from our principal. So we wrote an email explaining why we needed a food drive and why it was beneficial to start it now. After waiting a week, we received another email regarding the food drive. Our principal was on board with our idea.

After getting permission, our team called an organization called Knights Table to come and pick up the food. We arranged for the food drive to end on May 19th 2023 at 9:15 am. After telling them the time and day, Knights Table agreed to pick up the food donated.

With Knights Table and our principal on board with the idea, we still needed to market our idea. So, we made posters that were all over the school, added information about the food drive on the morning announcements, google slides, and every morning, we reminded students about the food drive.

We set up a goal to fill up 10 boxes of food. In order to achieve our goal, we continued to market our idea. To further encourage people to donate, if we filled up past our goal of 10 boxes of food 6 both students and teachers would get pied in the face.

By marketing and including a prize, we filled up 14 boxes of food and donated it to people who needed food in our community. Going back to our promise because we went past our goal, the pie in the face was going to happen on a google meet. By hosting this food drive, our team reduced hunger in our community.

Nous aurons un problème dans notre communauté et nous voulons le résoudre. Nous avons lancé les idées dans une liste. Avant de choisir une idée, nous avons fait des entrevues avec les étudiants et les enseignants.

Nous avons trouvé qu’une collecte de nourriture est ressortie le plus, alors nous avons choisi. Nous avons envoyé un e-mail à la directrice de l’école pour demander la permission. Nous avons telephone un organization nommé Knight’s Table pour venir chercher la nourriture. Nous avons averti que la collecte de nourriture va finir sur le 19 mai 2023 à 9 h 15 du matin sur les annonces du matin et les affiches.

Avec un prix des tartes aux visages, notre but de 10 boîtes a été surpassé. Knight’s table à collecter la nourriture.

Reflection & Celebration

Our group, FaimHéros, recently orchestrated a highly successful food drive with the aid of our fellow students and the esteemed Knights Table organization. Despite initial differences in opinion among our team members, we collectively gathered input and put forth diligent effort toward our shared objective of acquiring ten boxes of donations. Through the generous contributions of all involved, we not only met our goal but exceeded it – thereby creating a significant positive impact on our community. Our team feels deeply grateful for the chance to continue working towards promoting constructive change in the days ahead, and we express our sincere appreciation to all who helped make this food drive such an outstanding triumph. Throughout organizing a food drive, we planned everything, which was hard. But each of us worked on each part of the food drive. Before we decided to organize a food drive, we all had many ideas. However, we put aside our differences and agreed to interview people for their opinion. After all of our hard work, we did it!

We are grateful to all the students who donated. Without their help, we would’ve never surpassed our goal of 10 boxes. We are also thankful for an organization willing to help our cause by transporting all the donations. We called Knights Table to help send the food to a food bank. They agreed to help us on such short notice, which we are grateful for. Who are we? We are Rym, Raena, Staphy, Harshini, Bela, and Rithika team of grade 7 students determined to make a change. We are FaimHéros and organized a food drive here at our school to make our community a better place.

1. No Poverty
2. Zero Hunger
3. Good Health and Well-Being
10. Reduced Inequalities
11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
13. Climate Action
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