Food Drive Homeroom Challenge


Our vision for Canada is… to gather as much food and donations as possible for our local Food Bank prior to the Holiday Season.

Together, the Leadership 12 class has identified an area of our community that needs attention and support and has organized an interactive and competitive way to get the student body here at Musquodoboit Rural High School to participate.

By turning the food drive into a homeroom challenge the students who can participate have been encouraged to bring in more than just perhaps one donation.

The Leadership class has had the opportunity to witness first hand the effort and excitement that this has generated in our school. They also get to see and give the overwhelming amount of donations to the local Food Bank which has opened up their eyes to just how much this small task will touch the lives of others in our community.

Thank you to everyone who has helped and support this event here at Musquodoboit Rural High School.


Leadership 12 class decided to organize the food drive as a homeroom challenge where the donations have been broken down into points as follows:

canned goods = 1 point
dry goods = 2 points
pet items = 3 points
sanitary items = 4 points
5 points for every $10 donation.

Each homeroom received a wrapped box for their donations and together the Leadership 12 class collected the donations, tallied the points for each homeroom and updated the Leader Board displayed in the school foyer so the student body could monitor where they were in the challenge.

The homeroom with the most points at the end of the drive won an ice cream social but the real winners here are the Food Bank and the families who need some extra support during this time of year.

1. No Poverty
2. Zero Hunger
11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
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