Gardening Project


Our vision for Canada is… to help educate the next generation of Canadians how to plant, grow, and tend their own vegetable gardens. We all should have access to fresh produce and teaching students the hands-on skills to do so themselves helps to create a sustainable, healthy and affordable future. Many students are challenged to live a healthy lifestyle, and having the opportunity to plant and tend to the gardens provides the necessary tools for that to be supported.


Students in the school worked alongside teachers to plan out and plant vegetable gardens at the school. Several times each week, they would go out to water, pick weeds and watch the plants grow. Students have become more motivated by the hands on approach of the gardens and has empowered them to learn how to maintain their own gardens sustainably and affordably. With the planting done, it will encourage the next season of growing in the fall and for further students to engage in the project.

Reflection & Celebration

The project was a success in that we have had a group of students excited to learn about planting, and with the opportunity to eat some of the vegetables over the past few weeks, created the perfect celebration of their hard work. Located near the football field at the school, students have their work on display at most outdoor school events. The weather and late start to the planting this year provided the most significant challenge to the project. This project will certainly continue in the fall with the next group of interested students willing to join and take part in the planting.

3. Good Health and Well-Being
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