Greening Our School One Sandwich at a Time


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Jack Layton Award | Honourable Mention


Our project goal was to increase the amount of fresh green vegetables consumed by students by adding microgreens to their lunches and fresh vegetables from the school garden.


Grade 11 science students built a large shelf with lights to grow microgreens in the classroom. Every week, students would grow, cut and wash the greens to be eaten at lunch. In the classroom with the greens, students from various classes often cut a handful of greens to eat at the beginning class or during recess. Students also designed a photo guide on how to grow microgreens for community members, as well as conducted science experiments to test the effect of road salt, acid rain, fertilizer, and temperature on germination and growth rates of seeds. Students are currently working on planting seeds to be transferred into their vegetable garden in early June.

3. Good Health and Well-Being
11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
2. Zero Hunger
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