Hydroponic Gardening at Bert Fox Community High School


The vision of our project is to develop a hydroponic garden within Bert Fox Community High School. In doing so we will be able to provide hands-on learning experiences for students for many years to come. Students learn so much more by engaging in gardening rather than just being told about them.
A challenge of living in Saskatchewan is that the growing season is short. This opportunity will provide students with the opportunity to experience the entire growing process from start to finish. Youth will grow their own food with hydroponics and utilize this food to feed themselves and the school community through the school-wide nutrition program.
Students can provide information for parents, caregivers, families, and community partners regarding the impact their garden will have on themselves, their community and the impact this can have on reducing concerns related to climate change. We know that land is often affected by heat, stress, flooding, drought and fire due to climate change. We believe that by growing food locally we will have a positive impact on lowering emissions from trucks burning fossil fuels when transporting goods that we can now grow ourselves. We have learnt that hydroponic gardens can assist with a reduction in water usage of 60- 90%! Hydroponic gardens/farming is a proven way to grow more food with less land and decrease land footprint by minimizing the need for transportation of goods.


– Prep the school garden space (classroom setting)
– Purchase Hydroponic Garden supplies
– Students support the unboxing of supplies and set-up of the hydroponic garden within the school garden space.
– Students will care the hydroponic garden on an on-going basis
– Utilize the hydroponic garden space for hands on learning
– Education related to the garden (example: biology, nutrition, science, native studies, sustainability/climate change)
– Cooking with items grown in the hydroponic garden
– Consuming items produced in the garden, and sharing with friends and family
– On a yearly basis a new group of students will engages in seed starting, planting, up-keep, harvest, consumption and composting.

Reflection & Celebration

Bert Fox Community High School applied for funding quite late during the funding period, therefore, our actions were limited due to time constraints. Although we were not able to see significant changes in climate change/sustainability this year- we are off to a great start! I am thrilled to announce that we were able to start our project thanks to the LSF Action Project funding. Upon approval of funding (April 2022), we were able to promptly submit our first order for supplies to start our hydroponic garden. Luckily, we received our supplies last week! Students were very excited to be able to participate in the unboxing of our brand-new products that will assist us in years of hydroponic gardening. During the weeks to come, seedlings will be planted by students.
We are excited that we now have a hydroponic garden that can provide youth with hands-on learning experiences for years to come. Not only to supplement our school-wide nutrition program, but to engage students & their families in learning about sustainability and climate change.

2. Zero Hunger
3. Good Health and Well-Being
4. Quality Education
10. Reduced Inequalities
11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
13. Climate Action
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